Yes, my name really is Nurya Love Parish.

The name “Nurya” means “light of God” in Aramaic. It’s easy to pronounce: noor-yah. (Although I tend to answer to anything, including confused looks from people reading it for the first time.)

“Love” is my mother’s maiden name. Once upon a time, her family owned Love’s Bakery.

I acquired “Parish” when I married my husband. We like to share.

In 2016, together with Mike and Bethany Edwardson, I co-founded Plainsong Farm – a new farm and ministry on the property my husband and I bought when we moved to west Michigan. That’s a long story. Some of it is in my book. It’s mostly not told on this blog because honestly, I was way too busy to write it down as it was happening.

We do have a blog on the farm site, though, and we also host the Christian food movement site which aggregates news and resources from around the country.

Why This Blog?

I was twenty-two years old when I left for seminary in 1993. I knew I was young, but I also knew that in my forties I would have twenty years of ministry experience. Now, I’m in my forties.

In 1993, the church seemed like a stable institution; twenty-some years later, the church is in uncharted waters. But so it has always been:

The light of Christ is eternal.

The form of Christ’s church changes from generation to generation.


Churchwork launched on Trinity Sunday, 2013. I started it as a resource for disciples of Christ intentionally engaging the challenges of tending church and creation in the 21st century. It’s meant for both lay and ordained leaders; our task lists may be different, but we face the same cultural headwinds.

I came to know Christ through the thinking and practice of the mainline church: civic activists, critical thinkers, faithful Christians. I’m passionate about the future of this branch of Christ’s vine because through it, Jesus found me.

This site is my way to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

These days, I write here sometimes, on the Plainsong Farm blog sometimes, and keep an eye on the Christian food movement site. There’s a lot going on. But that’s the way of things when new life is emerging.

And right now, new life is emerging in God’s church for the sake of all. I am blessed to be a witness to that fact. Through this site and my wider work I hope you can see it too.

This site is dedicated in the name of the Triune God to all whom God came in Christ to save: it is dedicated, in God’s name, to all creation.

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